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Rayos Del Sol

Blue Moon Silver Stars Hojalata Tin Earring

Blue Moon Silver Stars Hojalata Tin Earring

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Our Blue Moon Silver Stars hand-crafted hojalata earring is a fusion of Mexican folk art and modern elegance. Crafted meticulously from tin and painted by hand, this earring encapsulates the rich heritage of Mexico while presenting a contemporary aesthetic

At the heart of this earring lies a mesmerizing blue moon, meticulously hand-painted to mirror the serene beauty of the night sky. Its profound blue hue captures attention and conveys an air of intrigue. Within the moon, meticulously etched silver stars add intricate detail, symbolizing dreams and celestial guidance.

The artful craftsmanship ensures that each earring is a unique masterpiece. The use of tin not only authenticates the design but also ensures a feather-light accessory for prolonged wear, catering to those who prioritize both style and comfort.

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